I noticed it has a couple of nibbles around the colla Celestion Ditton 15 Vintage Speakers Stored in shed for a few years so could do with a clean up. The Legend that is Celestion Ditton. What was a surprise to me was there was still some movement down at 16Hz, which is pretty darn impressive for a ‘small’, less than two cubic foot box. I have a couple of pairs of Ditton 15, they do what was intended, make quite nice music from just a few watts input.

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Celestion’s fame in supplying guitar ‘speakers is more legendary that even the company’s domestic output. Crossover frequency is 3kHz. And that is the Ditton I5’s biggest down fall. Those with finger skills could easily tease a tiny amount of copper wire from the speakers voice coil and repair it.

Celestion Ditton: Speakers & Subwoofers | eBay

Basa my usual Jimmy Smith favourites. I got a pair of these in the garage, 3 quid from a charity shop, seemed a shame to just ignore them when walking by. But what impressed was the cohesive nature of the design. One of the mid cslestion isn’t working but all the rest are working a treat.

Celestion ditton 25 Loudspeakers top circular tweeters do not appear to be working although replacement kits are available on eBay In good condition, a few minor scratches but nothing a good polish wo Celestion Ditton 15 I iamgine there are a few people here who will remember celestions as being pretty common a couple of decades ago.


Celestion Ditton 15 ‘vintage’ Speakers

The time now is Enclosure size is twenty one inches tall, by nine and a half inches both back to front and side to side; available in both teak and walnut real wood veneers. Oh look, it is snowing again! The earlier 15 Ohm Ditton 10’s have better cabinets due to heavy sound deadening material glued to the inside of the cabinet walls. Playing very well known Jazz to me!

I built my first speaker One of the speakers has the red screw knob missing but has been replaced by a black one as picture By the day’s standards, the Ditton 15 is quite a slim, elegant design. A lot were sold to ‘non’ enthusiasts who are now clearing the garage out discovering these old wooden boxes, and either taking them to land fill or popping them on that. When you take into account the age of these speakers, it may be easy to assume that they are everything a modern speaker shouldn’t be, yet my experience is qite the opposite.

Dittno had them upgraded ceelestion morel tweeters and they sound fantastic.

Front of the ABR unit, damped polystyrene cylinder. The original Ditton 15 is a seriously well engineered loudspeaker, a bargain for the money, something you can play with, and play real music on.


Celestion Ditton

As mentioned, this speaker was sold in thousands. The bass could be a tad odd. The box, for its time, is very modern in its construction, with drive units loaded from the front behind the grill. Originally Posted by leo I got a pair of these in the garage, 3 quid from a charity shop, seemed a shame to just ignore them when walking by Indeed it would have been a waste had you not picked them up. The Celestion is a pure 4 ohm load, designed to get the most out of those new fangled transistor amplifier things of the period.

Celestion first appeared inmaking them one of the oldest names.

After carefully checking the speakers out, they where wired up to my little EL84 push-pull pentode valve amp, Marantz DI DAC, trusty old Garrard with my active valve phono stage.

The cabinet is well lagged inside. I celesfion offload some Some thing I have noticed however is that despite the “Heath Robinson” appearance, some of these old things are surprisingly well built.

They are in working order and perfect for repairs or project work. Celestion specs are ,Hz on frequency response. Look and sound amazing.