Free forum by Nabble. And what’s the oracle database version? Submitted by will on Tue, On Sunday, January 15, at Comment viewing options Flat list – collapsed Flat list – expanded Threaded list – collapsed Threaded list – expanded Date – newest first Date – oldest first 10 comments per page 30 comments per page 50 comments per page 70 comments per page 90 comments per page Select your preferred way to display the comments and click “Save settings” to activate your changes. The stack trace and my mapper code is below.

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I base this on the part of the stacktrace, where the driver itself explicitly calls a method unimpl I assume to throw the Exception and that it mentions T4CVarcharAccessor: Please correct me if I’m orcle.jdbc.driver. Made some progress yesterday.

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Deleted and seeing no errors in the re-index. Getting this during the Re-Indexing, using both the Oracle odbc driver that came with DBSight and a downloaded version from oracle.


Is it only during re-indexing? Ahhhh that makes sense.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated getckob of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I believe MyBatis can figure. Submitted by rcortez on Wed, I misunderstood the issue. Submitted by rcortez on Mon, I definetly have a Long column in my test table as I’m trying to make sure my API can handle all of oracles datatypes even the out of date ones.

getCLOB not implemented

I will try the typeHandler fix! Forum topics Active forum topics: I believe MyBatis can figure this out for me and return a hashMap of corresponding Java objects.

Free forum by Nabble. Submitted by will on Tue, Sum and Average for Facet Search upgrade to 2. Below is the stack trace I highlighted clasw I believe to be the crucial parts of the trace.

java – GenericJDBCException: Invalid column type: getCLOB not implemented – Stack Overflow

I’m impressed by the way. I looked the the config. T4CVarcharAccessor Thanks for the help.


And also what’s the column type? I already tried with ojdbc5. Although I defined the field as Lobit was created as varchar2 You’ve been extremely helpful thank you.

T4CLongAccessor] with root cause.

DBSight – Database Search Engine | getCLOB not implemented

If that’s the case, you should change the column type to BLOB. On Sunday, January 15, at Any idea how to fix this?

Error performing load command: Sign up using Facebook. I have built a test table containing every Oracle Sql Data type to make sure my api can successfully handle any sql table given to it. And what’s the oracle database oracle.jdbc.drivet You can export it on the dashboard. Not enough information to go on, but could it be related to this: