Page 31 With the city selected, the keypad will be displayed asking for the street name. Tap on the item in the list with the street you want to try and avoid. You can answer and dial your phone by using the Magelan Maestro touchscreen.. Installation Instructions Please note that the mounting bracket supplied with the Magellan Maestro may be different then the one shown in this document. Traffic Antenna USB connector. It also announces the street name of your next turn.

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After searching or listing your entire address book, select the address from the list shown. Travelling On A Route There is also a bell that will alert you where the maneuver is to be performed. Items you will need USB cable.

Check the Traffic Active option and make sure the Use alternative route option is deselected.

Magellan Maestro Specs – Roadshow

Exit POIs can be accessed while on a route or just driving, as long as you are on magelln freeway. I sure wish I knew all this prior to buying it,but I guess the disappointment comes from expecting the same quality from Magellan Maintaining updated Magellan Maestro software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance.

Previous updates have given users more magellaj of which traffic reroutes to use, improved map panning and zooming and reduced search times for points of interest. Activating the Free Subscription Locate the serial number for your Magellan vehicle navigation receiver.


The Magellan Maestro maglelan a built-in battery so in most cases you will be able to follow these instructions while reading them on your computer screen without plugging the Maestro to AC power.

How to Upgrade the Magellan Maestro 4250 GPS Software

You may create up to 20 trips with 25 destinations. Repeat steps 5 though 9 until the trip is complete with all desired destinations. From the Main Menu, tap on the right arrow to access the second page of the Main Menu. Setting Detour Options Using the Simulator When turned on, the simulator will offer the option of simulating movement on a route. This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition.

My wife loves it, thinks its the ‘greatest thing since sliced bread’! It doesn’t announce all the street names and I don’t know if this has to do with knowing them or reaction time. Once selected, use the Route button to tell the Magellan Maestro to navigate there. Read the Warnings and tap OK. Selecting a restaurant or finding an ATM nearby is at your fingertips.

Magellan Maestro 4250 User Manual

Any Condition Any Condition. Use the checkbox to the left of the category name to select or deselect the category. The is super-thin, lightweight and fits easily into any pocket. It’s easy to use and the best thing is the bluetooth technology and the voice activated magellam wich keep you with your hands on the wheel all time.


There are two unique modes that the Map screen can be displayed in; normal and routing. Loading addresses is easy once you have the right map loaded. Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement The Magellan Maestro must be installed and operated at a mavellan no closer then 8 inches 20 cm from the user.

Traffic Antenna USB connector. Note in the top left corner is the range of acceptable street numbers.

The bluetooth feature works really well,but again there is a bit to be desired for volume so it defeats the purpose because you would have to pull 420 and shut down the vehicle in order to hear everything well and for the other person to hear you clearly. You can use street prefixes N, E, W, S, etc.

When the crosshair icon is over the location you want to add to your address book, tap in the center of the crosshairs. Displays Enter Address menu. Creating a Home Address These instructions only apply if magrllan have never entered a home address or if it has been deleted.

Avoid speaking a command while others are talking.